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We believe there is a home for every cat
and a cat for every home.

Helping cats find
a home at last

The Home at Last mission is to rescue cats from substandard living conditions
and give them better lives. We will provide medical care, emotional support,
and a loving environment while preparing them to find their forever homes.

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XENA | F/S | 8 Yrs. | DMH Tortie | Sweet | Loves Pets | Gentle | Cuddly | Good with kids | MUST be only pet

Xena has the loudest purr and when you hear it, you know she is happy. Xena loves to rub up against her foster mom as soon as she sees her, looking for pets. Xena loves to lay beside her foster mom in bed and tries to get as close to her as possible. If you feel like you’re being watched, it’s because you are! Xena loves to stare at you while you sleep.

Stock up your cupboards with Fancy Feast – it’s her absolute favourite. Any flavour will do!

Xena was shy initially when she first came to her foster home, but once settled in, she showed just how sweet she is. And since Xena is “mature”, you are getting a cat experienced in life. She’s not going to be tearing around your house, being all naughty like a kitten. She’s not going to be climbing up your curtains and scratching your couch. She won’t be getting the midnight zoomies. Xena will  love a home where someone is home a lot to give her lots of attention. 

Xena was left in trust at animal services when her owner sadly passed away. Unfortunately, no one came to claim Xena, so she came to us.

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