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A cat for every home and a home for every cat

Founded in 2020, Home at Last Rescue (HALR) is a Registered Canadian Charity, that is 100% volunteer driven. Our goal is to rescue cats from substandard living conditions and give them the loving homes they deserve. 

@2020 Home at Last Rescue – Charitable Registration No. BN 739993335RR0001


Why Adopt from Us? 

Our foster parents treat the rescue cats as if they were their own. They get medical care, emotional support and a loving environment. Foster parents prepare the cats and kittens to find their forever homes. When the cats are ready for adoption, foster parents provide a realistic profile of the cat or kitten’s personality. Many of our foster cats have had the benefit of being exposed to other cats and dogs too.  

All our kittens will have been spayed or neutered by the time they are adopted. This is often not the case for many rescues. Yes, it costs our Rescue more, but it prevents unintended pregnancies and the new cat parent does not have to worry about booking the surgery at a veterinarian which may or may not be close to where they live. This early neutering is endorsed by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.  

Immunization & Microchipping: Kittens minimally receive their first vaccine and, in some cases, their second as well. Kittens over 16 weeks and adults will have received FVRCP & rabies.  All our cats and kittens will be microchipped. You will be given vet records when you adopt.

Where are we? 

PetSmartWe have an adoption centre in the PetSmart store on North Queen Street in Etobicoke. Adoption centre volunteers work in three shifts throughout the day, 7 days a week, so the cats are very well cared for.  Adoption Centre volunteers are especially adept at working with shy and frightened cats and devote themselves to developing the cats to their fullest potential. 

Our cats are rescued and fostered throughout the GTA – Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Burlington and Hamilton. 


We receive no government funding and rely solely on adoption fees, donations and our fundraising efforts to support our initiatives.