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New Cat Checklist

Your new cat

If you have not had a cat before you are probably wondering what you need to purchase for your new cat or kitten. Let’s start with the basics that you must have even before your cat arrives home.

Plan to bring home kitty when life is calm at home and you have time to spend with your new friend. Find a veterinarian for your pet and book a routine checkup.


Carrier: Have it ready to transport your cat to its new home (put a blanket inside). You will need a carrier for trips to the vet, or any time you need to take kitty outside. There are soft and hard sided varieties.

Food: Ask what the cat was being fed and start with that. Gradually introduce new food of your choice if you decide to switch. You will need a few food bowls (not plastic, use stainless steel or ceramic) and a good sized water bowl or cat fountain. No cat will turn down treats like Temptations but remember they are high calorie. Decide what feeding times will be; do not leave food out all day.

Litterbox: You need one per cat and add one more so there are no litterbox wars. You don’t need the fancy litterboxes, a large bin works well, but make sure the bin is big enough for your cat. Add a supply of litter and a scoop to clean the litterbox. Be prepared to scoop daily and have a schedule for regular full cleaning of the box(es).

Scratching post: Climbers, if you buy one, usually have scratching posts built in. Most cats like the cardboard variety that you can lay on the ground or hang from a door.


Toys: Although you can also make your own. Cats love catnip mice, wand toys (even those from the dollar store) and another favourite is a turbo chaser or a laser light.

Grooming tools: A simple steel comb is good for short haired cats. A rake or furnimator is excellent for long haired cats. You can buy a small nail clipper and do it yourself or arrange to take your cat to a pet store or veterinarian for regular nail clipping.

Climber: If you can, put it in front of a window. It also gives them some exercise.

Cat bed: Many cats love their own bed but cats usually decide where they want to sleep.



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