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cat drinking water

Cats Need Water

From Preventive Vet Cat Won’t Drink: How Much Water Cats Need & Dehydration Prevention This informative article gives you hints on how to increase your

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Hulk Xmas hat


February 3 was a very sad day for us. We had to say goodbye to our favourite boy, Hulk. Hulk has been with us since

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3 cats at window

Summer Dangers for Cats

The Rescue strongly believes that our adopted cats and kittens should live indoors. Especially in summertime, some owners might interpret “indoors” to include areas like

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cat shedding

My Cat Is Shedding!

Unless you have a hairless cat, come springtime, your kitty will be shedding. Some breeds like Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats can shed huge

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Tabby pregnant


We can’t stress enough how important it is to spay and neuter your pets. Kitten season is fast approaching and soon we will be inundated

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tabby in box


Pam Johnson-Bennett is well known and offers good information on many topics of cat care. Her article on Litter Box Reminders is short but is

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Avery Update

Sometimes cats taken into the Rescue are healthy and well, and sometimes there are surprises and concerns. These can get costly, quickly, so we very

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