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Hulk Xmas hat

February 3 was a very sad day for us. We had to say goodbye to our favourite boy, Hulk. Hulk has been with us since the beginning. Our very first foster. For those of you who have followed his journey from the beginning, you will remember that Hulk lived a rough life outside before he came to us. Hulk showed up on a frigid night at a managed colony with damaged ears, dragging his back end, and could barely stand up. The colony caregiver had never seen him before but knew he needed help. He said it all with his face. Hulk knew he was being helped and walked right into the trap and we cared for him ever since.

Hulk spent several weeks at the vet, where he charmed everyone he met. Even in pain, Hulk was friendly and affectionate. He had lots of health issues, but this didn’t stop him from being cuddly and affectionate with anyone he came in contact with. Hulk was the epitome of chill and cuddly. Maybe not in the “pick me up and carry me” way, but in the “let me hang out beside you way”. He loved to follow you around and chirp at you. He loved to sleep on his foster mom’s head or pillow every night, snoring softly in her ear. Hulk enjoyed his belly rubs and loved to play and chill out in boxes and bags. Hulk loved to give kisses! He was a true fashionista and loved to model the sweaters his foster mom made for him. He was even our Winter Wishes Holiday auction model this year.

All we ever wanted was the very best for this gentle giant who stole the hearts of everyone who met him or knew of him. He had lots of fans and supporters rooting for him. His life before we found him was rough but he reaped the benefits of love, warmth, food, and compassion in the time he was with us. Hulk was a happy, playful, adorable big boy. We often think of how different his life would have been if he hadn’t shown up and been trapped that frigid day. We are so grateful he did and that we were able to get him inside where he knew nothing but love and kindness until the end.

Thank you to everyone who supported Hulk’s care and helped with his medical bills. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. But most importantly, thank you to Toronto Kitten Rescue for trapping him almost 3 years ago and his amazing fosters – Michelle & Mark, his original fosters, and Celine & Jon, who loved and cared for him for over a year. Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.
RIP Hulk! We know you are now running pain-free over the rainbow bridge. We hope you enjoyed your life with us.

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