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Avery Update

Sometimes cats taken into the Rescue are healthy and well, and sometimes there are surprises and concerns. These can get costly, quickly, so we very much appreciate the donations and support of our followers. Here is Avery’s story to-date.

Chiropractic Help

After several tests and diagnostics, we are happy to report that Avery does not have any neurological issues, as previously suspected, to explain her walking issues.

At the suggestion of our vet, Avery saw a chiropractor this week. She has two discs in the lumbar region of the spine and two discs of the thoracic region of the spine that are displaced from the spine. The suspected cause is some sort of previous trauma. She had this adjusted by the chiropractor. She also had her pelvis adjusted, because it was rotated. Her glutes are very weak, which is what is causing her wobbliness.

Foster Home Routine

Avery is now back at her foster home, where foster mom will do daily exercises with her to strengthen her glutes, massage for her spine and some traction for her tail. For now, she will see the chiropractor every three days, and then hopefully as she gains strength, the frequency will decrease. Avery may need to see the chiropractor regularly for the rest of her life, but we will know more in a few weeks.

For now, Avery is still not letting this slow her down and is still playing and climbing her cat tree.

Thank You

We would like to thank Dr. Sandha at Foxcreek Animal Hospital and Dr. Craig Landry at The Dog Joint Chiropractors for their help and work with Avery. Thank you to all who have donated for Avery’s care! 

Update on February 8/22.

After just a few sessions at the chiropractor and some at home physio, Avery is running around like crazy, even keeping up with the silly kittens in her foster home. Avery is ready for adoption! She may need some at home exercises still, but she has been given the all clear to go to her Home at Last by Dr. Craig Landry.

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