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cat shedding

My Cat Is Shedding!

Unless you have a hairless cat, come springtime, your kitty will be shedding. Some breeds like Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats can shed huge amounts as they develop very heavy winter coats.

This article, Spring Shedding: What to Do When Your Cat Loses its Winter Coat, offers some tips and tricks.

Shedding is Normal

From Catit – Help! My Cat is Shedding

It’s healthy, and if your cat doesn’t shed, it could be a sign of poor diet or medical issues. The same can be said if your cat sheds too much. Pay attention. If your cat is shedding more than the yearly usual, or if you notice bald patches or a very thin coat, take a trip to the vet.


Groom Your Cat


With warmer weather, your cat can start to shed a fluffy winter coat to a more manageable, lighter summer coat. This shedding might lead to hairballs or more dire concerns. Lynn Paolillo, certified feline master groomer and certified feline creative groomer of the National Cat Groomers Institute shares that cats can ingest upward of a third of the amount of hair they shed. This can lead to hairballs or vomiting, and even some dangerous blockages that require veterinary care. However, she adds that “regular combing, bathing and grooming removes the hair before it can be ingested, preventing hairballs or more severe issues.”

Longhair or shorthair, you need to comb or brush your cat. There are tools that are useful for both coat lengths. An inexpensive and very handy tool is a simple fine toothed steel comb.  Although expensive, many people like the FURminator shedding rake that pulls out the undercoat. Both are sold at PetSmart, on Amazon, and other places. 


Types of Grooming Tools

Here are articles that give an overview and explanation of types of grooming tools for your cat.

From Catit – Grooming Products

From Curiosity Trained – Choosing the Best Cat Brush


Matted Fur

If you cat has a lot of matted fur, it is a good idea to have a groomer or vet shave the matted area. Do not use scissors.

For more information about what matting is what you can do, read this article: Matting in Cats.

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